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About was developed in order to provide our children with a means towards making enough money to receive a good education. This will be done through the activities of We are a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) private foundation. We will be creating a new and innovative way for people to help provide for children's education, not with simple donations, but by funding children's projects and helping them sell these items on an advertisement free, safe and secure social network for kids! In turn the children who are members of the network will be providing intense input on how it functions and what it does for them. We want it to be a kid driven network which includes galleries, stores and other inter-active services designed for and by kids. It's a complex and entirely new charitable funding strategy. Feel free to read more about it! You are helping to build a better future for our children.

What we will do:

Simply put, will use donations and charitable funds to develop and maintain a social network for kids. It will be called "". This site will be safe from predators and bullies, as it will be monitored and managed for safety. At first the site will be managed by our nonprofit organization. Therefore it will not have any ads from outside sources. Kids won't be led to other sites. Everything they need or want will be eventually found on the InfinitiKidz site. The site will provide the kids with galleries for music, art, literature, animation, movies, crafts and a whole realm of creative ideas like inventions, recipes and plain old good ideas! The kids will vote on the things they like best, and then the winning ideas or art will be picked to become products. The products will be sold on-line both to members and outsiders. Proceeds will then go to the maintenance of the site and directly to a fund for the producer's education! It's a huge project with a gigantic scope! So feel free to read more about it, or contact us with questions. We need your help to make this happen!

Please download the full brochure here