President/Director of Marketing/Treasurer.

Rosanne was born in Victoria, B.C. where she attended The Sacre Coeur Academie and Simon Frasier University where she got her degree in Business Administration.

After that she studied Interior Design with a top Canadian designer. Later she worked designing and building hotels all over the world for Howard Hughes, Howard Hirsch, Steve Wynn and others. After discovering two lost cities in the Honduranian jungles she went into the Restoration and Reconstruction business in Santa Barbara, CA.

She has also been a real estate professional in Beverly Hills, CA. Albuquerque, N M and Scottsdale, AZ. She has also run her own interiors and product company “The Design Company” for over 15 years. Rosanne was the founding president of IDS (The Interior Design Society) of the Greater Phoenix-Northern Arizona Chapter. (A Nonprofit organization). Rosanne has skills and experience that are without peer. She is one of the founders of our organization.