Missions and Services

Missions and Services

LiteHart.org’s mission is to change the world with Kid Power! We want to help children become inventors, musicians, performers, designers, artists, writers and entrepreneurs. We want to build a showcase and a marketing platform for their talents. We also want to build an on-line network for kids to share those talents with one another, vote on projects they love, and then we will help them produce those projects! This will mean getting help and information from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other market experts. Once the project is green-lighted and goes into production, the money kids make from their work will be invested in a fund for their college education, or other needs after they come of age and leave high school. Whether they want to attend an Ivy-League school, a community college, a film or technical school, their own hard work and inventiveness will have given them a helping hand towards their desired futures.

We believe kids’ ideas can change the world. Whether they create a fun tee-shirt or mug, or the next medical device for detecting cancer...whether they can write a poem and put it on a greeting card, or whether they write a sonata and produce an award winning ballet, children are our future...and the future belongs to them. Right now kids are doing things we never dreamed of when we were younger. We want to help them with resources, funding, education, and marketing so they can go forward with strength and determination into that future.

Our main service will be to provide a Secured Website for children to network on. This will be a different take than other social networks. It will be protected from bullying and predators, because adults won’t interact with the kids except through advisory boards. Yet it will be kept free from any sort of abusive personalities that sadly inhabit the on-line world today and threaten kid’s self-esteem and world view. This will be done by securing the aid of adult parents and teachers who will watch over, but not interact with the kids.

Ours will be a highly positive site where kids can display their artwork, music, writing, inventions, etc. Then other kid members on the site will vote on their favorite ideas. The best of those ideas will be licensed, manufactured and produced for retail sale. Yet the profits will go mainly to the educational fund set up exclusively for that child! The site will include galleries, news feeds for kids, book reviews, and so much more! Only a small percentage will go to maintaining the site and Litehart.org, the site’s “engine.”

Yes, it’s a new concept. It goes way beyond selling Girl Scout cookies door to door or passing out coupons in front of grocery stores. Instead of just a charity to fund local clubs, it will eventually be a kid directed and a kid approved on-line national Cyber-Club for displaying their talents and building workable projects! Each project to generate income will also bring in new members excited to be a part of the website! As the news about it spreads it should become a global community dedicated to helping children everywhere get what they need to become educated and to build a future.

Help us build the largest and safest social network & creative product platform for kids in the world! Donate to our cause.