What is LiteHart.org?

LiteHart.org is a Nonprofit Organization founded in 2013 under the laws and Statutes of the State of Arizona. It is dedicated to funding children’s education. Right now we are a national organization based in the U.S.
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Our Future Vision

In future, with your support we hope to be offering marketing opportunities, educational resources, grants and scholarships to children world-wide.
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What we strive for?

Right now it all starts here, working with kids, parents and teachers across the country in a whole, new way.
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Helping Others

It’s an innovative way to help kids pay for their own education and to “pay it forward” by helping others.
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Know more

Feel free to read our “About” section to learn more about this awesome new way of helping children become entrepreneurs, productive members of society, and a new charitable force in America and eventually the world!
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Our Events

Right now our one and only event is getting the LiteHart.org sponsored (and yet-to-be-named) dot com website built and up and running. Hopefully filling its membership rolls with kids from all over the country! To that end we are posting a contest: Name that Website! So we can choose a cool, kid approved name for our initial dot com site roll-out!

Watch this tab for other events & programs as they develop!

Have suggestions or questions? Write to us at info@litehart.org

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Latest News

Soon we will upload the link to our Blog and/or Newsletter.

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