Vice President/Director of IT

Harpreet was born in New Delhi, India and went to school at the National Institute of Management in New Delhi, India in 2000 where he received his Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He left India to live in New Zealand where he continued his career and education in computer technologies.

He began work in 2002 for Vertex, one of the largest outsourcing job developers across Asia and Europe. At Vertex he was responsible for the “Powergen U.K.” web and inbound information project. In 2004 he worked for Techbooks Int. Pvt. LTD. Where as a manager he was put in charge of U.S. based client projects, as well as staff recruitment and training for the task of generating financial and billing documents for their high-end clients.

Since 2007 he has been the Online Marketing and Customer Service representative for Kriti Solutions Pvt. LTD. The list of his accomplishments is quite extensive. He is’s “Idea Man” as he is an IT, Social Networking and Web Design master. He designs apps and websites in his spare time and is one of the founders of our organization.