About Us

What is Litehart.org?

“LiteHart.org” is a Nonprofit Organization thought up and founded by Harpreet Singh and Rosanne Allen-Hewlett. They were both on opposite sides of the world, searching for answers on how to make children’s lives better. They came up with several ideas that were already up on the net. So they put their heads together with David Pudelwitts, who was helping with the graphics on the project, and developed the idea that a dot com website could generate money for kid’s educations if it acted as a crowd-funding source and a design platform like Quirky.com or Threadless.com.

The innovation would be that instead of marketing products to consumers for profit, it would steer the proceeds of products into the funding of kids education! To that end it needed to be a social-network and crowd-funding and concept-to product design platform! Thus Litehart.org was born. It is dedicated to these three principles: “Children’s Brilliant Ideas Created with Love!” “Entrepreneurship at an Early Age” and of course helping to fund children’s continuing education.

Mission Statement

“To build a better world on the inventiveness and ideas of our children. To fund their continuing educations, and to help them become business men and women, productive members of society now and in the future. We will recognize and guide our children’s productivity, inventiveness, energy, insight and innovation. We will endeavor to give them a safe-haven where they can interact and produce new products, designs and inventions. We will steer our children towards having charitable hearts and spirits of giving, so that other children and the world may benefit from their light and heart.”

We dedicate ourselves and our lives to helping children get educated, but not by simply offering scholarships or “programs,” but in helping them fund their own educations through their own inventions, artistic expressions and product ideas. We hope that they will in turn dedicate their lives to helping others by “paying it forward.”

We directors of LiteHart.org are going to also be their mentors, guiding them through the process of self-expression, invention, innovation and even production and sales of their ideas. We plan to take children’s great ideas producing and selling these projects to the world at large (think of a kid’s little lemonade stand suddenly being able to reach millions of consumers! And all the money they make from thirsty people going directly to their college fund!) We want to expand children’s horizons and show the consumer culture a lot of brave, new ideas and products that will help a child’s education every time they buy a product! Call it: “Giving by Getting.”

If we do as well as we expect, we can also then fund many grants, scholarships, programs and establish viable links with other children’s charities.